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Would you love to have personal, one-to-one coaching for you or one of your team members?  Leadership coaching is here to bring out your personal best, and that of your team.  Leadership can be challenging, particularly when it is just one part of your role. Even the best leaders have things to improve upon.

Whether it’s being the best in your role or help with career transition and change we are here to help.

Behavioural Profiling

We are accredited consultants of Extended DISC Behavioural Profiling. Different to personality, this behavioural profile gives an indication of the key behavioural traits of a person and how they are likely to come across to the rest of the team. An Extended DISC profile involves a 90 minute unpack and 24-page report which includes:

  • Your subconscious/natural and adapted/work behavioural style;
  • Your motivators;
  • Strengths and development areas;
  • Your current emotional state and influences; and
  • Your natural communication style and much more.

Whilst there are many different versions of DISC, not all of them are created equal. Extended DISC is more advanced. Since 1951, over 77,000 people have completed EDISC across the world and it has an accuracy rate of 88%.

You can utilise an Extended DISC unpack for a variety of things including:

  • To improve communication with those around you;
  • Understand the communication style of your team;
  • Improve sales techniques;
  • Inform your recruitment processes; and
  • Assist in leadership and personal development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The process is weekly one to one coaching to bring out your personal best. At the beginning of the process we set out the key goals that you would like to achieve and the challenges that you would like to overcome.

I’m based in Brisbane, Australia but coaching is undertaken on Zoom so you can be coached from anywhere in the world.

The sessions are only an hour long and actions set are small and specific. We find that our clients get so much value they enjoy implementing the actions that are going to take them to the next level.

We start with an exploratory free consultation so that we can understand where you are at and your current challenges. If we don’t think coaching is right for you, we will let you know.

We have a very high success rate and suggest having a look at our testimonials on our page to get a feel of how we help people and the results that you will get.

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