As a Veterinary Surgeon and young entrepreneur, I desired a more balanced life, and to achieve many life goals. Jade was recommended to me by a colleague, and through her program, I have experienced remarkably rapid and spectacular personal growth; much greater than I could’ve ever imagined!
These ground-breaking sessions with Jade have instilled a new confidence in my professional capabilities, helped me to develop and maintain an assertive and self-respecting demeanour, given me the essential tools for time management in a stressful fast-paced profession, and helped to steer me away from seemingly inevitable professional burn-out.
Jade went above and beyond her coaching role and expressed a genuine concern and interest in my life, contacting me many times between sessions to offer encouragement on stressful days, and to share helpful information or touching personal stories.
For all these reasons, I believe she has a natural capability as a Coach, a genuine communication style that had us both laughing through tough sessions, and an intuitive understanding of not just what her clients want, but what they truly need to succeed in all aspects of their life I highly recommend Jade for anyone who desires personal growth and/or life balance’