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How to Reduce Frustrations in Your Business

Do you ever find yourself swearing at the computer, complaining to your partner or getting to the end of the day and just being generally miffed?⁣ ⁣ That person that’s ignored you, the ungrateful person, the one not paying your bills, the other that didn’t turn up or [name really annoying frustration here].⁣ ⁣ I’ve…


How To Give Feedback Without Causing Offence

Giving Feedback Without Causing Offence or Defensiveness 1. The Power of Intention The most important thing to focus on is your intention. If your intention is to genuinely develop that person and help them improve for the good of the company it’s unlikely you will be misunderstood. Any slight hidden agendas/judgments or assumptions will come out in…


The Financial Benefits to Building a High Trust Workplace Culture

Why Build a High Trust Workplace Culture? Professional development, training and emotional intelligence can sometimes appear to be a bit fluffy. Especially when demands are high, performance targets need to be met and you just don’t have the time to be ‘having nice conversations’. Ultimately you need things to be done quickly and well. Why can’t people…