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As a business owner there are so many hats to wear and things to juggle. Whether it be the sales and marketing, operations, legal, accounting or client service, you’re responsible for everything. It can be hard to juggle and keep all the balls in the air, not to mention keeping the business growing.

At Suited To Business, we work with business owners to take themselves and their businesses to the next level.  We work as your partner and help you with many strategic decisions to ensure that your business runs smoothly and successfully. Not only that, but that you are at your best and enjoy what you do too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You are the expert in your business. As a Business Coaches we are not here to teach you what you already know, but to bring out the best in you so you can bring out the best in your business.

Many of my clients are established million dollar plus businesses who have reached a plateau. They are looking for someone to help them refresh, re-energise and re-engage themselves in their business.

We also often offer new ideas and strategies in areas of sales, marketing and leadership.

We are specialists in areas that affect people and this means we can add significant value in areas of:

  • Sales and business development;
  • Business Planning;
  • Presentation skills;
  • Customer service and client retention;
  • Having difficult conversations with clients, suppliers and staff (including letting staff go);
  • Self-leadership – including communication skills, time management and self-discipline;
  • Behavioural Profiling for recruitment and communication in the workplace;
  • Bringing out the best in your team and improving performance; and
  • Many other areas of the business which we explore during our 30-day diagnostic.

This is difficult to say until we find out more about you. At Suited to Business we do a 30-day diagnostic first, and this gives you the chance to experience coaching and the process and see if it is going to be right for you. Coaching isn’t for everyone, but we’ve taken on many clients who have never experienced coaching before and they love it.

Business coaching can be expensive if you don’t receive value or get a result. At Suited to Business we believe in putting our money where our mouth is, so we only get paid in full, when you achieve your financial outcomes.

We work across industry as we’ve found that business coaching problems span across all industry types. Our cross industry experience enables us to create innovative ideas for your business.

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