Client Testimonials on Our Business & Performance Coaching

I love what I do and feel very lucky that I get to work with amazing people. Coaching is a relationship like no other and there is nothing better than watching my clients succeed. Here’s what they have to say. Also, see our most recent client testimonial – HERE

I was at a point in my business where I was ready to grow and improve but I didn’t know how or where to start.

Jade has helped put LocknBolt on the path to incredible success, even throughout the global pandemic.  Not only did Jade work with me as Managing Director, also my wife, Taylor.

As a 24-hour emergency mobile locksmith, the job can be mentally as well as physically draining.  When I was pushing myself too hard, Jade would help bring my attention to that and remind me to slow down – the better we take of ourselves, the better we can take care of our business.

I would highly recommend Jade to any business, big or small, looking for assistance in growth, guidance in direction, and help in refocusing their goals and energy.

Without Jade, LocknBolt would be falling behind in the Brisbane locksmith race but we are as successful and profitable as ever with a happy Managing Director and smooth business operations.

Joshua Pretty – LockNBolt Locksmiths

Thank you Jade for equipping me with the tools to change my life!

During COVID, isolated working-from-home, I knew the only thing I could control was how I reacted, and that what I did next mattered.

Through the coaching we identified how I worked best, how to manage up more effectively and what it was that I needed in my next role to feel like a valued and productive team member, contributing to business outcomes.  Jade helped me to re-build my confidence and get back on track.

Jade continually checked in, reviewed my applications and debriefed my interviews.  I could not have come so far in such a short space of time without her.

I am happy to report I now have a new role in a large organisation that I wanted to work with, sharing my knowledge and confidently delivering business outcomes. I am back on track to smash my career goals, and I couldn’t have done it without Jade.

Abby Fields, Event Coordinator, RACQ

Jade is a world-class business coach! After every single session with Jade, I walk away with greater clarity of purpose, direction and a solid strategy. She brings her wealth of knowledge, wide range of experiences and emotional intelligence as a compassionate, intuitive business coach. Jade always knows to ask all the right questions, prompting me to broaden my perspectives and realise ‘what I don’t know I don’t know’. I highly recommend Suited to Business! You won’t be disappointed.

Krystal Kovacs, Director, Tutornova & the Editing Mouse

As a Veterinary Surgeon and young entrepreneur, I desired a more balanced life, and to achieve many life goals. Jade was recommended to me by a colleague, and through her program, I have experienced remarkably rapid and spectacular personal growth; much greater than I could’ve ever imagined!
These ground-breaking sessions with Jade have instilled a new confidence in my professional capabilities, helped me to develop and maintain an assertive and self-respecting demeanour, given me the essential tools for time management in a stressful fast-paced profession, and helped to steer me away from seemingly inevitable professional burn-out.
Jade went above and beyond her coaching role and expressed a genuine concern and interest in my life, contacting me many times between sessions to offer encouragement on stressful days, and to share helpful information or touching personal stories.
For all these reasons, I believe she has a natural capability as a Coach, a genuine communication style that had us both laughing through tough sessions, and an intuitive understanding of not just what her clients want, but what they truly need to succeed in all aspects of their life I highly recommend Jade for anyone who desires personal growth and/or life balance’

J.Pickett, Veterinary Surgeon

I had been struggling with my position as I had lost confidence in my ability to manage my team when I was introduced to Jade.  Under her guidance through the E-disc system she has opened my eyes to endless possibilities.
One on one leadership training with Jade has taught me not only to be a more productive and proactive manager, but inspired me to be better person – who now has her mojo back!!
Her passion, dedication and support at every twist and turn along the way gave me the enthusiasm and drive to rise to each and every challenge. If you have lost your direction at work or in life then Jade is the one person that can help you see your potential.

Justine Quinn, Team Leader, Austworld

I was at that point in my business where I was exhausted, working 60+ hours a week. I hadn’t had a holiday in 17 years. I was wondering if it was all worth it and I was searching for clarity for my direction.

The Suited to Business leadership program has evolved my leadership immensely. I’ve bought a new truck and taken on two new employees. My team is now at the stage where I can leave them and go on my first holiday in 17 years – to my dream destination Las Vegas. I have a more confidence in my own self-worth and ability to get things finished, I use the Nike saying all the time now JUST DO IT and things will happen.

D.Lucas, Director, Lucas Transport

Thank you for making such a difference in my life. I was so glad I trusted my instincts and decided to use you. Your ability to guide me through to uncover a better understanding of myself has been life changing. Your approach was both professional and personable, making me feel better and better as we progressed. I love your passion about what you do, about how much you care. It was a truly positive experience and one that I feel will help me for years to come. I want to thank you for everything that you’ve done for me.

John Cassimatis, Owner, Belle Property